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Date Added: Monday 27 November, 2023

Meal Distribution Tray - Stainless Steel Round Base + Cover

  Application:   Meal Distribution Tray is an open receptacle with a flat bottom and a low rim for holding, carrying & distributing food. Specification:   Stainless steel 304 construction  Round platt...
Date Added: Monday 20 November, 2023

Locker - 9 Panels / 3 Rows

  Application: Lockers are a small, usually metal compartment that can be locked, especially one at a gymnasium or public place for the safekeeping of clothing and valuables. Specification:   Powder coated steel frame  ...
Date Added: Monday 20 November, 2023

Oxygen Cylinder Holder for Wheelchair

  Application: This durable oxygen tank holder accommodates most portable liquid oxygen units. It installs easily onto the back of your wheelchair, and it's simple to remove at anytime. You'll never be far away from your oxyge...
Date Added: Monday 20 November, 2023

IV Pole for Wheelchair

  Application: A staple of hospital operations, intravenous poles - also known as IV poles - are devices that keep intravenous bags full of medicine or fluid in place. The bags are hung from the hooks at the top of the pole. Specif...
Date Added: Wednesday 08 November, 2023

Vein Finder

  Application: Portable vein finder is for easy visualisation of veins in adult, pediatric, geriatric, obese and dark skin patients with difficult venous access. It works on transverse illumination technology: light beams from a ci...
Date Added: Wednesday 18 October, 2023

Safety Seat Belt for Wheelchair

  Application: Wheelchair belts are meant to protect the person who is seated in the wheelchair to prevent them from sliding or falling out of the wheelchair. Specification:   Fabric material  Lockable / unlockab...
Date Added: Monday 16 October, 2023

Face Mask - Cpap / Bipap Machine

  Application: CPAP and BIPAP masks and headgear come in many styles and sizes to comfortably treat sleep apnea. People have different needs, preferences and face shapes. You may need to try different mask styles before you find ...
Date Added: Wednesday 20 September, 2023

Sink - Single Station with Cabinet

  Application:   A Washbassin / Sink also hand basin is a bowl or square shaped plumbing fixture used for washing hands or other purposes, used frequently by doctors in hospitals.   Specification:   Top solid acr...
Displaying 1 to 8 (of 785 new products)
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